Coal Suppliers in Plymouth

Traditional house coal - is one of the most widey used fuels for an open fire, giving a hot and long flame with little ash to clean up.

Premium house coal - is a larger coal reducing the time you need to stoke your fire, giving you a hot and long flame and little ash to clear up.
Multiheat/ Flamebrite/Taybrite - smoleless coal can generate up to 30% more heat and lasts up to 40% longer than house coal, whilst emitting less CO2 and also next to no ash to clean up.

All of our coal is British coal helping to support our economy, unlike some of our competitors this is something we care very much about.

Wildfire is made of several products, ultimatley ending in ahigher co2 footprint. We would recommend our Premium British coal as an alternative as we are still keen to support our economy we can offer wildfire at £9.50 per 25kg bag.




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